How we started


Our flagship product iEnhancedTM CORE is the brand of a nootropic that enhances brain capacity.

The products from iEnhanced are produced in Belgium. iEnhanced is a company, where quality and service come first. The iEnhanced team is passioned with optimizing your mental capabilities, to enhance your cognitive functions, your intelligence, your mental function, your working memory, your motivation and your attention.

Why iEnhanced?


An increasing number of researchers are confirming that vitamin and food supplements are no excess nowadays. The cause can be found in the heavy burdening of our immune system that needs to work increasingly harder due to external influences. On the other hand, the body cannot work optimally if there are insufficient nutrients in the form of e.g. vitamins because our diet is becoming increasingly 'poor'.

All our products are responsibly sourced, ethically created and made with vegetarian capsules. iEnhanced produces food supplements according to the standard EU quality norms and Belgian FDA.



“Because of iEnhanced, I just became smarter, more focused in my every day job.”


“As a students, I used iEnhanced in the run-up to exams as a "smart drug".”


“Because of iEnhanced I was just able to glide into a state of effortless concentration.”