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best nootropic stack

Enhance your mental energy, focus, memory and productivity

Buy now the perfect premium nootropic stack to optimise your mental performance!


iEnhanced™ CORE is a natural pure nootropic premium stack carefully composed to enhance your mental performance. Combined with our Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil you will improve your cognitive function and the health of your cell membranes throughout the body. 


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Nurture Nature's Gift

Transform yourself with what nature's grants us. iEnhanced food supplements are all manufactured based on pure extracts of natural food sources. 

Enhance your mental energy, focus, memory and productivity. 
Buy now the perfect premium nootropic stack and optimise your mental performance for only $66,27 !


Start enhancing your life now!


Help the children in Ecuador with iEnhanced


With every product you purchase iEnhanced will donate 5% to

A brighter day foundation


This organisation is convinced that every child deserves to be happy and not just lives to survive...

A brighter day foundation

Who are they?

A Brighter day foundation is a small non-profit foundation with a clear goal. We’re trying to make a difference in the world by helping at risk individuals or families in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Our goal is to change their lives in a positive way by improving their living circumstances. We offer social support and provide safe homes. 

What do they do?

Through there years of experience in Ecuador, they have witnessed families abandoned by the state. They've seen mothers and their children being forced to live in the street or under dangerous circumstances. In a lot of cases there’s no safety, there’s nobody to help them out. They’re on their own.


A brighter day foundation was really bothered by these facts and decided to do everything in there power to make a change. If the government wasn’t going to help out, they would!


AND BUY A iEnhanced product 

How can you help?

iEnhanced donates 5% of there incomes to A brighter day foundation. For every iEnhanced product you purchase a child in need is being helped

iEnhanced Core stimulates







best nootropic stack

  your working memory

  your  motivation

 your productivity

  your focus

your mood 



(according to the EU standard norms and the Belgian FASFC)


Responsibly sourced and ethically created.

Natural ingredients

Discover the difference nature makes.

Never tested on animals

We are against animal testing.


The Einstein pack is really great! After 3 days of usage (3 pills in the morning and 3 in the afternoon) I became another man. Totally transformed. I feel like 20 again with an incredible drive. 
Using it is believing it.

- D. Didier, IT Consultant

After 4 days using Core (3 pills in the morning), my mind became very clear and crisp. It removed the fog that I usually experienced when waking up. It's really magic. I'm looking forward for their next life enhancement product

- F. Malika, Housewife

iEnhanced Core is really powerful. I combined the Einstein pack with Modafinil, and I'm beating all my impossible deadlines. This would have been impossible without it! Really really THANK YOU for this great product.

- R. Inge PhD, Scientist


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